What the Hell Is This? It’s Hate Trump Media!


What the hell is this?

It’s Melania’s fashion critic!

If you think any of what Melania Trump’s fashion critic says is worth listening to, you are probably a far-left Democrat or a CNN reporter.

Vogue magazine editor named Lynn Yaeger condemned Melania Trump for walking in stilettos as the Trumps headed to Texas, though Melania, a former model, does just fine in them.

Yeager is one who set off a furious storm of bizarre attacks aimed at Melania for wearing heels getting on to Air Force One before heading to Corpus Christi.

Yeager wrote an article about the First Lady’s heels, calling them ‘hurricane stilettos’ and tsk-tsk-ing the Trumps for not understanding the optics.

How’s this next photo of the critic for optics — Ms. Yeager looking like a deranged Raggedy Ann doll.

Apparently she trolls the beautiful, fashionable Melania for all her fashion choices.

She asked in her article, “And why, oh why, can’t this administration get anything, even a pair of shoes, right?”

There aren’t a pair of stilettos that could hold Yeager up, but, even if there were, she wouldn’t wear the, she’s inclined towards ugly shoes.

We wanted to glory in Yeager’s fashion choices, including her footwear of course, because she must be the expert. So, we have a sampling.

In this first photo she is missing one of her important accessories — a shopping cart.

As she came back from protesting at Trump Tower, she wore a Vivien Leigh ‘Gone with the Wind’ knockoff dress with a matching green battered-fox, fur-trimmed coat, suitable for summer, offset by camouflage sneakers.

Wearing indescribable makeup and a floral thing topped by an organza black thing, she is shod in some kind of sneakers for this next photo-op.

Check out the shoes.

This next one is very appropriate for air travel. It has that Amelia Earhart look accentuated by rat fur.

Her scullery maid look is next with appropriate shoes. Very good optics if you’re on speed.

It’s the shoes man.


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