What the Left Has Bequeathed Us by Victor Davis Hanson


Victor Davis Hanson put together a good summary of what the Left has bequeathed our dying nation. I tried to shorten it, but you can jump right to VDH’s summary below.

Filibusters are only for Democrats, and so are the Electoral College, election laws, and balloting laws. They’ve defined an insurrectionist as a Republican doing what they do – flip electors.

Raids are for Republicans. Bully SCOTUS originalists, politicians, and citizens who oppose Democrats. Appoint a special counsel to trash the Republican presidential candidate and another to save the Democrat president who is actually guilty.

Smear the Republican president over age and excuse the demented Democrat.  Exempt Democrat supporters who riot, but not Republican rioters. Throw Republicans in prison, bankrupt them, and ruin their lives. Allow desecrations of monuments and blocking highways if they are Democrats, but send those who disagree to the Hoosegow for years.

Pack the Court if it doesn’t go the Democrat way. Remove the Republican candidate from the ballot for crimes the candidate did not commit, wasn’t charged with, and was never convicted of.

Bankrupt the opposition candidate with fines for a non-crime, and steal all his stuff if he doesn’t pay up because he can’t. Also, create crimes if need be.

Replace the disobedient Republicans with illegal aliens; call them New Americans. They are new since there is nothing of the United States about them, and they will be grateful to the Democrats and will vote for them.

Get the FBI into social media to run the Dem narrative. Hire a foreigner to get Kremlin fake dirt on the Republican candidate. Get the Democrat President to drain the emergency petro reserves to lower gas prices artificially, buy off college grads by making everyone else pay their loans, and pull back on horrible rules just until December.


In VDH’s Own Words

What the Left Has Bequeathed Us

by Victor Davis Hanson

The Left has created new rules for national politics. Here are 20-some precedents they now have established for America in the future:

1) When in control of the Senate, demand the end of the filibuster; when not, don’t.

2) Call for the end of the Electoral College–but only if it appears to recently favor the candidate of the opposition.

3) In an election year, change any state balloting laws deemed unhelpful through administrative fiat or court order to favor your political candidate.

4) Seek to flip electors from voting in accordance with the popular vote count in their states; indict as an insurrectionist any of the opposition who dare do the same.

5) Raid the home of any opposition ex-president who removed classified files; exempt any sitting president of your party who did the same.

6) Swarm the private homes of, and then bully and intimidate any, Supreme Court officials, politicians, or citizens you oppose.

7) Appoint two special counsels: one to go after the current chief presidential opponent in an election year; the other to exempt and excuse the sitting president for the very crimes charged against his rival.

8) Lobby to remove any oppositional president through the 25th Amendment; smear any one as ageist who suggests a cognitively challenged sitting resident of your party should be subject to similar invocations of the 25th Amendment.

9) Exempt thousands of arrested rioters from charges of 120 days of arson, looting, injuring 1,500 law enforcement officers, and assault—but only if they are radical supporters of your party.

10) Excuse any demonstrator or rioter for desecrating public monuments and cemeteries or shutting down bridges and freeways, or swarming and disrupting the Capitol Rotunda—but only if they agree with you and/or are pro-Hamas. Otherwise, ensure the charged face lengthy prison sentences.

11) Try to pack the Supreme Court—but only if justices you don’t like are in a majority.

12) Seek in an election year to remove a presidential opponent off state ballots for crimes for which he has never been charged, much less convicted of.

13) First, target a presidential opponent and then change warp, or redefine laws to convict him. Weaponized prosecutors should always indict their political opponents in jurisdictions where they are guaranteed like-minded justices and jury pools.

14) Violate the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution (the prohibition of “excessive fines”) by having sympathetic judges level multimillion-dollar fines to bankrupt the opposition candidate during a presidential campaign. The more there is no victim of a crime, the higher fines should be leveled for “damages.”

15) Open the border by destroying all the protocols and executive orders of a predecessor president. Then welcome 8-million illegal aliens to “surge” into America on the premise a new constituency might support agendas that American citizens do not. Then call the nonexistent border “secure,” while blaming a predecessor president for having left it secure.

16) Have local prosecutors invent criminal acts of an opposition national presidential candidate in efforts to make it impossible for him to campaign for the presidency.

17) Use the FBI to hire out social media auditors to censor any news deemed problematic for the correct presidential candidate.

18) Hire a foreign national to concoct a smear dossier about one’s opposition political nominee. Ensure the FBI also uses and pays the foreign national to spread untruths among the media and administrative state.

19) On the eve of any major national or midterm election, ensure a president drains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gasoline prices.

20) On the eve of any major national or midterm election, ensure a president promises to cancel billions of dollars in contracted federal student loans.

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