What transpired at the Capitol today


Update: The woman who was shot died from the gunshot wounds. Reports indicate an officer shot her.

After the Trump speech this morning, at around 1 o’clock, a huge crowd moved up to the Capitol building. They were peaceful. Then some stirred up the thousands of people who stormed the building. They broke the glass doors to the Capitol and infiltrated. Guards drew their guns and, at some point, a woman was shot. One woman is in critical condition and was shot in the chest or neck, reports say.  We don’t have details of what took place.

The debates that were supposed to go on in Congress were worthwhile, but that opportunity is probably lost.

Some people were in crazy headdresses taking pictures. There appeared to be some provocateurs in the crowd, but we don’t know yet.

There was a lot of anger over Vice President Pence not agreeing to reject electors, which he cannot constitutionally do. However, he could have said he supported the investigation or he could have criticized the leftist actions and agenda.

Trump supporters also want the election investigated.

The process in Congress was a good one and it just started when the violence began.

There were probably not very many who became violent. It doesn’t take a lot.

On the other hand, there were many irregularities in this election, and no one would investigate. Having worked the polls and mail-in balloting, I know much of it is corrupt. Mail-in balloting is the worst type of electoral process outside of online voting.

However, the violence ended the process. Once they broke in, they became criminals and there is no excuse for this.

The corrupt media, instead of calming it down, blew it up. They made it much worse.


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