Woman Shot in Congress as Protester Sits in Senate Chair


A woman was shot by police inside the Senate chambers after protesters breached the Capitol building during the Electoral College proceedings. The exact condition of the woman is unknown, although she is reported to be in serious condition. Reports conflict about the 3 pm shooting, with some saying she was shot in the chest or shoulder, while others saying she was shot in the neck.

Protesters broke through police barriers and entered the building where the Congressional election certification was being held.

Members of Congress, and Vice president Pence, were scurried out of the room to a secure location. Gas masks were also provided to members of Congress after tear gas was deployed in the room.

Chaos reigned following the breech. A protester was photographed sitting in the Senate chambers chair.

Media outlets referred to the protesters as a “mob.” Not peaceful protesters, like the rioters and looters in Portland.

Washington, DC mayor Muriel Bowser ordered a 6 PM curfew in the capital city. She also called for the Metro, the city’s subway system, to be shut down early. The 1,100 strong DC National Guard was also deployed. Maryland and Virginia governors promised to assist with state troopers and the National Guard.

A protester was heard to yell, “A new 1776 has just begun.”

Image from: independent.co.uk



  1. The guy shown with the horns and painted face is Antifa BLM. Someone on Brietbart posted a photo of him in the comments section at a riot earlier this year. Said he is from Arizona. The Trump folks were infiltrated but will be blamed for it all. The photos inside the Capitol showed only a small group of people, but the media makes it sound like it was a huge mob.

  2. Barry is so happy, he is clapping his hands with joy and laughing with a huge grin on his face!
    We had no idea that it would be this easy to destroy a republic once and for all.
    The sound of cheering and laughter is ongoing in Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang, Moscow.
    Good job CPUSA comrades, now round up those deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.

      • This MIGHT have been the moment it happened.


        It reminds me of years ago an officer called into a radio program. What he said struck me to the core and I never forgot it. He called the citizens “The Enemy”. It wasn’t a situation that put an officer’s life at risk. So, how many have that attitude, and if it’s widespread it suggests it’s them, the good guys, against the rest.

        Apparently some Were breaking the glass, from the video that just played. Even so, the shooting was indiscriminate.

      • What is this site doing, saying a protester may have shot her? There are photos of the police pointing guns at her from 2 feet away just before the shooting. Those photos were available by 1 PM yesterday. Get real. That’s awful reporting.

  3. How interesting that after only 20 minutes into the curfew the riot police and national guard are pushing back the crowd. Sure didn’t see that before when BLM / Antifa were rioting and burninng and a curfew was in effect. Now they are actually pounding on people as they are leaving.

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