And you thought 2020 was bad!


We were all glad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror. We had such high hopes that 2021 would be a much better year. Boy, were we wrong!

The new year is less than a week old, and it’s already shaping up to be a disaster.

It looks as if both Georgia Senate seats will go to the Democrat candidates. And by a slimmer margin than the presidential election. If that holds, the Senate will be evenly split 50-50, with Harris breaking any tie. And many feckless Republicans will go along to get along.

When Congress meets to certify the presidential election, there will be fireworks for sure. But when the smoke clears, in spite of Republican efforts, my prediction is that Biden will be president.

If the Biden-Harris Electoral College vote is certified, they will shove their leftist liberal Marxist agenda down our throats. It will include passing the Green New Deal, expanding Obamacare, imposing a mask mandate, opening the borders to all illegal immigrants, suppressing the 2nd Amendment, ending the America First policy, repealing Trump’s tax cuts, banning fracking, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, restoring the Iran nuclear deal, ending China tariffs, and a slew of other liberal agenda items they haven’t revealed yet.

COVID-19 vaccines arrived late last year, but vaccinations are slow to be administered. On top of that, a new strain of the virus has been discovered. It’s spreading all over the world and is believed to be much more contagious.

Rioting, looting, and arson continue unabated in cities across the country. Unrelenting and senseless shootings and murders continue in large metropolitan urban areas like Chicago and New York City.

We had such high hopes for the new year, but they are quickly evaporating. Constitutional rights of American citizens will be crushed, so that even those who voted for Biden will wonder what happened. I believe they will have buyer’s remorse, but it will be too late. They already drank the Kool-Aid.

An unfettered Democrat-run White House and Congress will run amuck over our freedoms and personal liberties, unchecked by a cowardly Supreme Court.

But today’s Senate proceedings have been temporarily recessed. The overwhelming frustration of the American people has boiled over on the grounds of the Capitol building. The American people will be heard. They will not be silenced. They will not be trampled on. This is only the beginning.

And you thought 2020 was bad!

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3 years ago

“a new strain of the virus has been discovered”

Now, there are two, maybe three, new strains of Covid-19, one from the UK and the other from South Africa.
The South African mutation is known as 501.V2; it inhibits antibody drugs, has a higher rate of severe illness in younger people, and has made its way into South America.
It won’t be long until the BARRY-Harris regime will begin tearing down the border wall and allow their 501.V2 carriers (future Dem voters) to enter.

Billy Pilgrim
Billy Pilgrim
3 years ago

We will look back on 2020 as the good old days.
Get right with God.
While praying for America the other morning a beautiful shooting star went by to the north.
This has happened before when I was on the porch praying for Trump before the Big Steal.
Once I was in a hate this place mood and a lightning bolt struck about 50 feet away.
I changed my tune real fast.
No matter how tough, well stocked or prepared you are, God is the key.

3 years ago

We can All blame Big Corporate Media for everything that is happening today. From the very start of the Trump administration they fomented a near insurrection by the leftist mobs. They were cheering it on each time the #Resist raised their ugly heads. Now when Trump supporters decide to “make a stand” it’s a different story. The difference has the #Resisters being allowed to reap carnage across the country whereas, Today, a young female Trump supporter was Shot and is unlikely to survive. She was being give CPR during her transport to the ambulance. The politicians had better start worrying if, and when, the left and right join forces against “the State”.