What’s Happening in the Las Vegas Case


It has been three weeks since Stephen Paddock forever altered the lives of 500 people and there are still no definitive answers. The American people deserve answers and hopefully this will not disappear from the news and become an unsolved case.

The Las Vegas Review Journal has been on top of the news about Vegas. They report that the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are assisting local investigators who must determine whether the killer acted alone, or whether he was aided in the mass shooting that killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 others.

They still don’t know for certain if there was one shooter.

Local authorities are still in the lead. The Las Vegas tragedy is classified as a mass shooting and not a terrorist attack.

If the investigation finds terrorist ties, the federal government would assume the lead in the probe, DoJ spokesman Matt Miller said, noting that the federal government would be better equipped to conduct an international or national investigation.

It takes a long time to collect evidence with so many victims.

Paddock could simply have had a psychopathic personality.

Eight victims are still hospitalized.

The NY Times put 30 video clips together to map out what happened in Las Vegas three weeks ago as Stephen Paddock rained gunfire down on innocent revelers. The gunfire started at 10:05 and lasted 10 minutes.

After twelve bursts of gunfire, the police broke down Stephen Paddock’s door at the Mandalay Bay. The NY Times mapped 30 videos to draw perhaps a fairly picture to date of what happened.

We have included the following although many believe this is fringe news, however, it comes from a former Project Veritas reporter who did discover the holes in the original timeline released by the Las Vegas police which was changed again four days ago.

Controversial independent journalist Laura Loomer is back in Las Vegas and posted a video that she says shows an immobile body under a towel. We look at it and can’t determine it’s a body but let us know what you think.

In this next enhanced image, it looks like a body.

Photos and videos can be doctored easily so who knows.

The coroner’s office is on lockdown. It’s an unusual move but this case is very unusual and the police are trying to keep the lid on conspiracy theories.


  1. I had seen that NYT video and they did a decent job laying out the sequence of events. With all the videos it was difficult to nail down.

    I’ve downloaded a good many and had just seen one in regard to Hooter’s Casino and the conclusion an event happened and there were dead bodies inside. In fact, a full video shows people were sleeping wherever they could. The casinos / hotels were all taking in people and locking down the buildings.

    At one point there were 17 ambulances in front of Hooters and so people concluded it was happening there. Instead it became a triage area. The ambulances weren’t able to be dispatched to the Mandalay location because of all the gunfire. That’s the reason dead bodies were at that location. It looks like Hooters is about two blocks down the street and provided cover, facing away. Remember also, there were a number of police shepherding the public down the street.

    I put very little substance in that Mike Tokes. I seen him on a couple videos and he’s put out some wild speculations. I wouldn’t find it unusual that a coroner’s office would be locked down and not allow the press, aka vultures. These are people’s loved ones and I most certainly wouldn’t want the press around, especially some who are running around.

    I seriously doubt the second shooter theory. The taxi video is probably the most comprehensive. It appears they recorded the entire event from start to finish. If it were two shooters it would be apparent on that video. If two shooters does anyone believe there would be such long silences between bursts. It would be more likely there would be little silence between.

    I do have questions on the whole event. The first is the young woman who was told everyone was going to die. For some reason No reporters asked about this even though it was widely covered.

    Something else I found out. Paddock was in room 135. Windows were broken out in 135 AND 134. Apparently room 134 WAS rented out, I think to an Australian. So how did Paddock acquire that room before the shooting. The Australian was in California the day before but was in the hotel that night.

    I’m afraid all the conspiracy theories has scared off the Sheriff and press conferences. He tried to address that. He may be afraid he will fuel even more theories but silence is what fuels them even more. It’s quite understandable that details will take some time to filter up to the higher levels. There are hundreds involved and to correlate all that information and sort it out takes time. I was listening to the radio dispatch audio and it was troubling to hear how frantic some of the officers were in the middle of all it. The dispatcher had to try and calm them down. These officers have no choice but go Into the fray.

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