Gagged Businessman Knows What the Russians Were Saying When Bribes Were Paid


Few in the media will touch the story of the whistleblower who can shed light on the Uranium One deal and the corruption involved. He is under a gag order but is eager to tell his story.

The D.C. swamp has not lifted the gag order on attorney Victoria Toensing’s client so he can tell what he knows about Uranium One shenanigans. The client is an American businessman who knows what the Russians were saying as the bribes were being paid to the Clintons and wants to tell all.

Ms. Toensing said she can’t even get others on Fox besides Lou Dobbs to report this story.

The informant was put under a gag order by the Obama administration with a threat of imprisonment if he violated it. Attorney General Sessions’ DoJ has not lifted the gag order and can’t give a date when they will.

At the beginning of this segment in the video below, Lou Dobbs announced that the House Oversight Committee is now finally investigating the Uranium One deal. The Senate Judiciary Committee also launched an investigation last week. Both the House Intelligence and Senate Judiciary Committees want to interview this whistleblower.

That came about “…after reports revealed the FBI had evidence from an informant that Russian nuclear officials were involved in fraudulent dealings in 2009, before the uranium deal was approved,” Dobbs said.

Dobbs praised one congressman in particular. “Congressman DeSantis is calling for the Justice Department to now remove that non-disclosure agreement that prevents the former FBI informant from testifying about the bribery scheme before Congress.”

Toensing said, “…my strategy to have Chairman Grassley…and God bless him too, because he’s been interested in this issue for a couple of years now…so he immediately issued a letter to the Justice Department and to me at the same time, asking to interview my client.”

“So he gave Attorney General Sessions until November 1st,” she says, “to cough up that NDA [non-disclosure agreement]. You know, we don’t even have a copy of it so we don’t know what it says.” Dobbs replies with a tentative, “But your informant presumably does have a very good understanding of what it prohibits him from doing.”

Toensing talked about the alleged criminal penalty if the client speaks and the bullying by Loretta Lynch.

She characterizes what her client knows as “quite significant,” saying, “He can tell what all of the Russians were talking about during the time that all of these bribery payments were made.”

Other sources indicating that there is physical evidence including audio and video recordings.

Also discussed was the Obama administration’s efforts to sway the election.

In the clip is information about the 76,000 Hillary documents State won’t release until 2020.

Courts and judges need to decide not politicos on committees, Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell told Lou. The clip below is well-done.



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Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
6 years ago

So tragic the Rejected Witch and her husband and Obama are mired deep in the D,C. swamp and are trying to vilify POTUS Trump to get revenge and destroy democracy. Eight years of lies

Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

My guess, other than some embarrassment, absolutely nothing, except for the usual dustup, will happen if the gag order is lifted.