What’s New at the Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum


The rich and powerful self-appointed global leaders began their Davos events with a Master of the Future speech by Klaus Schwab, a real-life Bond villain. They used to meet secretly, but they are out in the open now. They have thousands of young global leaders infiltrating governments everywhere.

The eccentric, illogical kooks of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are behind globalism, closing farms,15 minute cities, digital personal tracking, eating bugs, and getting us peasants out of trains, planes, and automobiles.

Elon Musk was supposed to be one, but he went rogue. He was invited to WEF at Davos but declined the offer.

Erick Erickson complained on his show today about the conservatives and their conspiracy theories about WEF. He seems to think WEF failed and are now just meeting in their little lonely cliques. I hope he’s right, but Joe Biden is following his agenda, as is Justin Trudeau of Canada, Mark Rutte of The Netherlands, and others. I’ll believe Erickson is right when people stop attending these billionaire club forums and giving them credibility.

Maybe Erickson thinks they failed, but Schwab thinks they’re doing great.

Fortunately, the good news is Schwab is 84 years old; unfortunately, he’s not 104, and is very influential.

Their big message is to stop climate change, and they are good enough to fly in on their private jets to tell us that.

“Old Horseface,” aka Hanoi John, is very impressed with himself and his “select group of human beings.”

The Senator from West Virginia, wearing a Ukraine flag pin, argues against a free press.

The former host of [Un]Reliable Sources on CNN is leading a panel at Davos on disinformation. As one of the most proficient spreaders of disinformation, he should know what it entails.

You can trust the WEFers. They will use Interpol. Nothing will build trust more.

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