What’s next after the bottom of the ‘slippery slope’?


What’s next after the bottom of the ‘slippery slope’?

by Karen Kataline

Once upon a time, people were mocked for making the “slippery slope” argument that celebration of gay lifestyles, transgenderism, gay marriage, etc. might eventually target and even deliberately recruit children.

They were told that anyone who would make such an argument was intolerant, probably Christian, and “homophobics.”

We have slid right down the slippery slope into a deadly avalanche.

This is being done actively in schools and right before our very eyes and now, by giant corporations like Disney that used to be synonymous with “wholesome family entertainment.”

What? You don’t think the “mother” of all children’s entertainment corporations  should be teaching sexual content to children?  You transphobic, you!

Those who refuse to go along with this large-scale, sexual abuse agenda for children are punished.  In the following case, they are suspended from their jobs for exposing secrets being kept from parents:

EXCLUSIVE: Connecticut school nurse, 77, is suspended over ‘transphobic’ Facebook post revealing that student, 11, was on puberty blockers, 12 others were non-binary, and that teachers were helping some keep it secret

Exposing and indoctrinating children in adult sexuality and confusing them about their gender before they even comprehend gender is child abuse, pure and simple.

Robbing children of their innocence and using them for adult sexual agendas is the very definition of child abuse.

Having worked with children who were abused, the aftereffects can be far-reaching and devastating.

This trend began much earlier, with relatively ho-hum attitudes about “Drag queen story hours” and 11-year-old drag queens.

Some said, “Well, that’s okay I guess, but it won’t go any further than that.”
It always goes further.

Isn’t it time to ask, why?

Why are Leftists so hellbent on changing the genders of perfectly healthy children?

Why are they so committed to corrupting and confusing them?  Can’t they just leave them alone to make these decisions when they reach the age of consent?

What sort of mentality is required to actively engage in medical experiments on other people’s children without their parents’ knowledge?*

A sexually confused, emasculated population is must less likely to fight back against a tyrannical government or a foreign invader.

But that would be pure speculation.

*Would they ever do that with experimental shots that are neither safe nor effective and then keep forcing and bullying the masses to submit to them even after people are aware of this?


Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a sought-after guest on talk shows around the country.

Kataline’s style has been described as “funny, feisty, but fair.” She hostsSpouting Off, a live, call-in talk show covering politics, pop culture, and social psychology. She maintains an active blog and her Op-Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker.


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1 year ago

The Alphabet Soup lifestyle is a mental disorder. If you can’t understand that their are just men and woman with an occasional accident of Nature you have a severe mental disorder. People’s acceptance of that disorder doesn’t change the fact that you have a disorder. Why can’t Liberals wrap their childish minds around that concept? It must be because Liberalism is a mental disorder in itself. The real tragedy is that this is a Learned Mental Breakdown.

It stated in schools back in the 1960s. Probably a byproduct of widespread drug use. As these people grew older they went to work for Government and pushed their mental disorders into Law as they used Government to neuter Religion, Morality, and Common Sense in America. Patriots need to reestablish inalienable rights as supreme to man’s law! That starts with Parents having total control over what their children are taught and Government being stripped of all Mandate Powers. We can’t continue to have Kings and Despots in America and that includes Judges who create law from the Bench. If you lack a sense of right and wrong, you’re a Sociopath, if you don’t care about right and wrong, you’re a Psychopath. We can’t allow either at any level of Government. Sexualizing Children is even worse. We can’t tolerate the Alphabet Soup crowd indoctrinating our children any longer. These perverts are a threat to a healthy civilized society. If need be, they need to be put in jail if that is what it takes to keep these people away from our children. Child Molestation and Child abuse are still crimes and calling it education doesn’t change that fact!

Borders Are Racist Except For Ukraine
Borders Are Racist Except For Ukraine
1 year ago

O/T-Breaking-217,000 replacements came across in March with 68,000 getaways. (H/t-SB)
Since there won’t be any money for travel, the world bazaar will come to you.
Forward! Yes we can.

Sodom and Gomorrah
Sodom and Gomorrah
1 year ago

The Abomination of Desolation followed by the Wrath.
How progressive to live enthralled by genitals, historic!