When a 13-year-old ‘child’ slashes the throat of another ‘child’


A 13-year-old is accused of slashing another 13-year-old girl to death, and there are witnesses pointing to her guilt. The defense attorney asked for her to be released to her mother.

The murderers are getting younger and often face little punishment. At least, in this case, the judge didn’t release her.

Age shouldn’t be the first consideration. The death of her victim should come first, along with the danger the perpetrator presents.

She killed another child who didn’t deserve to die because no officer was there to stop it.

As we consider this case, we should think about the case of the 16-year-old “child” who tried to kill another girl in Columbus, Ohio. The officer shot the perpetrator, the “child,” dead.

While tragic, the officer had no choice, and yet he is being vilified and threatened for doing so.


A neighbor had a camera showing the shooting and also made clear that the officer had no choice.

Home security footage has captured a new angle of the shooting of Ma’khia Bryant as a neighbor said he believes more people could have been killed if the officer hadn’t shot the 16-year-old black girl dead in Columbus, Ohio.

The 26-second video gives a glimpse into the moments leading up to Tuesday’s fatal incident as a girl – later identified as Bryant – is seen walking down a driveway toward other people at the very same time that a police car pulls up outside the home.

The neighbor, Donavon Brinson, said in an interview with the Columbus Dispatch that the foster mom across the street from him has cared for many girls over the years, so when he pulled into his driveway after running errands and saw a commotion among some girls in her yard, he thought it was just a “girl fight.”

After he went inside, the situation escalated. When police arrived, he heard four shots, looked out the window, and saw Ma’Khai Bryant on the ground.

Brinson checked his security camera footage over his garage and saw what happened. He has turned his video footage over to the Columbus police.

Brinson said he didn’t see how the officer could have taken any other action than what he did, and said he believes more people might have died had police not taken action. “It was violent and all just happened so fast,” he said.


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