When a Progressive Realizes She’s Been Lied to by a Lot of People


Twitter user Sarah Beth Burwick, an attorney in California, has come to realize she has been lied to about the Kyle Rittenhouse case. The truth is starting to come out. Mrs. Burwick is a progressive and if she gets it, that is a great sign.

She writes about the Rittenhouse case and the media:

I am highly educated and reasonably perceptive, and it was only today that I learned the Kyle Rittenhouse victims were white. My progressive bubble made this seem like a very different case than it is.

Let me add a few points- 1. All my friends/family are progressively and I recently woke up to their hypocrisy and msm BS 2. I admit I haven’t paid much attention to the case 3. If you hear someone called a white supremacist enough times, you believe it unless…

you realize you need to question everything you’ve been told, which is what is keeping me very, very busy of late.

One more thing. If I still cared about being called racist, I would have been scared to post this. Because people would have somehow twisted it around to call me racist. I am thankful to be free of all that noise.

And I should not have used the term “victims.” [Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz were aggressors, not victims.]

This should give you some hope in our fellow Americans. If a Progressive can see this truth, anyone can.

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Historic Airbrushing Czar
Historic Airbrushing Czar
7 months ago

She will be unpersoned from Twitter in 3, 2, 1…
All Facebook photos airbrushed or removed.

John Vieira
John Vieira
6 months ago

Aye ! She will become a non-entity and relegated to the “tier of truth” in journalism…which the corrupt MSM long abandoned….