This Is Why You Tube Is Removing ‘Dislikes’ from Videos


Dishonest communist jerk Gaige Grosskreutz, who is as entitled as anyone could be, lied through his teeth during two TV interviews yesterday. He actually contradicted his sworn testimony.

The clever people at Columbia Bugle related his failed effort to turn the tide against him to YouTube’s upcoming policy of removing all dislikes. Look at the ratio. It is quite stunning, and it restores some of my lost faith in my fellow Americans.

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cats in clown suits
cats in clown suits
2 years ago

F’ Tube. Disliking Brandon Jo Jo is also verboten.
There is a meme/demotivational of him as a White Urkel Gollum that is gut bustingly funny.

O/T-the big cooldown with highs in the 40’s!
It’s about time and what a late breaking fall.