When Lying media wouldn’t let us talk about the obvious source of COV (video)


If you still trust the media, why do you trust it? This flashback shows just how corrupt the media is and how correct the Right was. It certainly doesn’t make ‘scientist’ Fauci look good.


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2 years ago

We will soon find that there is a conspiracy so diabolical that most people simply will refuse to believe it because people can’t fathom the evil of the Globalist in their quest to take over the world. The RESET will make the Crusades look like a High School debate. The world is facing a greater evil than we saw in WWII; the Communist Democrat Party! The Communist Democrats will risk Thermonuclear war if that is what it takes to get total power. These people are insane and in control of the US Government for the most part. In the last year, the overreach by Democrats throughout the US has dwarfed anything they have done in prior history. Democrats even routinely not only ignored the Law, but the Courts.

Leafy Green Salad
Leafy Green Salad
2 years ago

I trust the entertainment value of laughter while they try to lie and keep a calm face.
Not nearly as fun as the comedian relating something absurd and not laughing themselves.
The bat meat stew theory didn’t have a long shelf life?
What kind of worker’s utopia feeds the comrades bat meat stew?