Where’s Robert Mueller on This? Hillary Invited Putin to a Clinton Foundation Gala


Two months into her term as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton’s foundation invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin and others to the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2009 annual gathering, emails obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch reveal.

A March 13, 2009 email exposed her collusion email or was it a back-channel set up?

The email was sent from Clinton Foundation director of foreign policy Amitabh Desai to Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro and then forwarded to top Clinton aide Jake Sullivan.

A non-profit, the federal government and Russia in one huge conflict of interest.

Ironically, Clinton was the alleged anti-Putin stalwart who barraged Trump with accusations of collusion.

Hillary has colluded with Russia over the reset, the uranium mine, and over military secrets. In exchange for a US uranium mine, the Clinton Foundation received $145 million in donations and her husband got a couple lucrative speaking engagements.



Judicial Watch explained a whole list of conflicts of interest uncovered by this latest batch of emails and it is astounding how she is getting away with pay-to-play:

The list includes dignitaries from Saudi Arabia, which gave $14.5 million to the Clinton Foundation; Kuwait, which gave between $5 and $10 million; Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar — all of which donated between $1 and $5 million over the years. In February 2015, the Washington Post reported, “A third of foundation donors who have given more than $1 million are foreign governments or other entities … and foreign donors make up more than half of those who have given more than $5 million.”

At this point, it’s obvious corruption.

Also in the emails was one from a Russia America association asking the Clinton Foundation to intercede with the State Department while Hillary was secretary of state.

Remember this event with the Russian foreign minister? She couldn’t even get this right. It’s a condescending gesture with little cheap piece of plastic toy inscribed with the wrong words in Russian. Listen to her bizarre cackle.

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