While Biden Hoists the LGBTQIA2SSAA+ Pride Flag, China’s Coming for Us


China is allegedly planning more spy bases in Cuba. This is while the Biden-Obama-Soros team in the White House tries to normalize relations with them. At the same time, Biden is saluting the LGBTQIA2SSAA+ Flag and putting the US flag in a demeaning position.

I’m reasonably sure the US flag is supposed to be raised higher and in the place of honor. Last I knew, we didn’t salute who people have sex with.

Biden and his advisors have our military focused on pronouns and Woke language.

Pride replaces US flag

China has noticed we have an idiot in charge, so they’re sending military-age Chinese men in through our open borders. They’re also living on a lot of land near many bases. I think they’re all set.

We have spy balloons and spy bases, at least since 2019, ninety miles off our shores. So, what does Nero Biden do? Why, he expands our collaboration with China. China is helping us get off fossil fuels while they build coal plants.

He also wants to expand the developing world’s influence at the UN, including Cuba’s.

Months ago, China told their military to prepare for war due to the Taiwan situation, and we constantly send out signals they we are preparing for war with China. Meanwhile, all our ammo goes to Ukraine.

The military strategists have been conducting ongoing scenarios dealing with a Taiwanese invasion. We almost always lose. We’ve outsourced parts for arms and ammo, so we run out fairly quickly in these scenarios.

China is working on dozens and dozens of nations to abandon the US dollar, and with Biden in charge, they are enthusiastic about the idea.

While our politicians behave stupidly, China’s preparing for war with people who will surely use the correct pronouns we’ve all been mandated to use by an army of Mafia-like narcissists.

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5 months ago

All planned by China – Hey look over at LGBTPedo, nothing to see here (while we’re destroying your country!)

5 months ago

Gay flag front and center. What a disgrace.