Massive Amnesty Bills Making Their Way Through DC


Alipac is tracking two massive Amnesty for illegal aliens bills that have been filed and are on the move in DC!

The Democrat-filed Citizenship for Essential Workers Act, HB 3043, and the Republican-filed Dignity Act Amnesty was filed as HR 3599. The ‘Dignity Act’ is a repeat of the McCain bills to give amnesty to millions.  Rep. Salazar introduced the bill, and she is not much of a Republican.

Rep. Castro, a hardcore leftist, sponsored the Essential Workers Act in the House. The list of people who would be eligible is endless. There is a companion Senate bill sitting and waiting for the moment.

Both bills potentially give amnesty to millions.

Over 99% of our US citizens are unaware of these bills and no idea of the danger and problems they will cause. Therefore, no one is mobilized against them. Tucker Carlson gave some time to Salazar’s bill, but he’s off the air for now.

You can forget your social security and medicare if all these millions are suddenly on it. And that is just the beginning. They are destroying traditional America deliberately and people don’t know thanks to the media.

These are cynical bills aimed at giving Democrats a one-party permanent electoral majority. They want all the power of government, and they want it forever.


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