While Millions of Illegal Migrants Look for Sponsors, “Woke” Dems Look the Other Way


While Millions of Illegal Migrants Look for Sponsors, “Woke” Dems Look the Other Way
by James S. Soviero


During this time of year we look to hear stories of people offering personal sacrifices in order to do something for those less fortunate.  Christmas movies are filled with tales of friends, neighbors, family members, and even strangers reaching out to help folks who’ve fallen on hard times.  

The crisis created by millions of illegal migrants pouring through our open southern boundary, offers endless opportunities for all those many “woke, caring” Democrat cheerleaders, who for years, have been inviting them in.  Here’s the chance for those pols, along their friends, families, and supporters to offer truly meaningful assistance to those they’ve encouraged to crash our border.  

What could Dems do?  How about “pulling some political strings” and start sponsoring some of the illegals that are literally being dropped off in deep blue cities?

The statistics indicate there’s no time like the present to “step up”.  In the decade between fiscal year 2011 and FY 2020, agents at the southwest border apprehended 4.27 million illegal migrants — 1,170 per day, on average. Under Biden, Border Patrol has apprehended more than 3.785 million migrants at the US-Mexico line — 5,933 per day, or roughly six times Border Patrol’s capacity.

Yet, nary a single report from our left-wing friendly media chronicling any major Democrat leader setting an example by embracing and taking fiscal responsibility for some struggling family of illegal migrants; even those being left at their doorstep.  

Nothing from the likes of privileged pols Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Beto O’Rourke, Kathy Hochul, Mayor Adams, Gavin Newsom, AOC, Kamala Harris, or Joe Biden.  The VP had busloads dropped off at her residence on a cold Christmas Eve.  But alas, there was no room for for even a one of them at Kamala’s “inn”.  

No ladies and gentlemen, absorbing the crises created by purposely bad and ofttimes deadly policies, falls on the “little people” these hypocrites pretend to represent.   

Besides, they’re likely smart enough to know if they set a precedent of sponsorship, in much the same they hung a “come on in sign” at the border,  they’d be personally overwhelmed. That would result in their lives being disrupted in ways much too similar to those Americans who’ve suffered greatly from this wholly avoidable, tragic nightmare.  

It’s likely little else terrifies them as much as that terrifies them.  

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

They could care less…the burden was ALWAYS intended for the little people…just as Tibet is being overwhelmed with Han Chinese, in this case the little people are being replaced, and like the education system, they are paying for their ‘demise’…