Mnuchin and Pompeo Discussed the 25th Amendment to Remove Donald Trump


Former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he briefly talked about using the 25th Amendment to remove former President Trump from power during a discussion with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after the Jan. 6 riot, The Hill reported.

Mnuchin, then-Treasury Secretary, said he did not seriously consider using the measure to remove Trump from office.

“It came up very briefly in our conversation,” Mnuchin told the Jan. 6 committee in his deposition to the Jan. 6 panel, released on Tuesday. “We both believed that the best outcome was a normal transition of power, which was working, and neither one of us contemplated in any serious format the 25th Amendment.”

“The only research I did out of curiosity was I googled it,” Munchin said, adding, “I remember my general counsel asking me if we wanted him to do extensive research on it. I said, no, not at this point.”

Why is no one concerned about the open borders with unvetted aliens pouring in, some with drugs?

Earlier this year, audio of GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy discussing the 25th Amendment days after the January 6 Capitol protest leaked to two New York Times reporters. It’s old news. We reported this in May of this year.

On January 10, 2021, Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney and other House Republicans that he would tell Trump to resign.

Another audio of McCarthy discussing the 25th Amendment with House Republicans has been leaked to the media.

“What the president did was atrocious and totally wrong. From the standpoint, we’re 12 days away – I mean the one point I’d make with Biden – if you have an impeachment and you’re stuck sitting in the senate and he needs cabinet members, he’s got Secretary of Defense, he’s got a lot of things he’s got to have moving….” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also said he wanted to reach out to Biden and have him meet with Trump. These Republicans are always on the defensive. The riot was unacceptable, but why have these politicians sat back in silence while Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted for months?

Kevin McCarthy also wanted to silence conservative members of Congress.


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