While Our Borders Are Open, Biden Levels Sanctions Over Novalny


Joe Biden, always concerned about foreign countries, has announced 500 new sanctions on Russia after the death of Alexey Navalny last week in prison.

The sanctions target those connected to Navany’s imprisonment, as well as the financial sector, defense industrial base, procurement networks, and sanctions evaders across several continents.

The Treasury Department said they are targeting almost 300 individuals and entities. The State Department is also designating three Russian government officials in connection with the Navalny’s death.

The goal is to reduce Russia’s revenues and make sure that Russia can’t get the goods it needs to build the weapons it wants for the war.

Unfortunately, the sanctions have not yet worked. They’ve only hurt the United States and European nations, not Russia. As for weapons, Russia builds their own, and they have access to the goods from unsavory countries. We can’t even control the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, the administration still doesn’t care about the US borders and the American people being flooded with anonymous foreigners, including Chinese military-age men.

At the same time, the State Department is making fools out of our military.

The unserious State Department is busy sending pronoun memos.

Anthony Blinken, our secretary of state, worries about pronouns and PC language as the world falls apart.

He’s “encouraging” employees not to use words like Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and manpower.

In a recent memo, he told State Department employees not to use gender terms. He also wants State employees to identify themselves with preferred pronouns like ze/zir.

He’s making a fool of us, but he defended it.

“If you look at that memo, as I have done, it’s standard government practice to try to encourage people to just be respectful of others, and use terms with which others are comfortable, and talk to people the way that they would like to be addressed. And nothing more than that,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said Tuesday during a press conference.

It’s not standard practice to push an insane far-left agenda, such as gender ideology and forced speech, which is against our First Amendment.

He claims it’s encouragement, but try to do otherwise, you’ll get sued.

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