First Car-Free 5-Minute City Built in the Land of the UnFree


In the United States, cities including Ann Arbor, Mich., and Cleveland embrace the 15-minute city concept, while Portland’s Complete Neighborhoods and Eugene’s “20-minute living” are putting their own spin on the idea in Oregon. Tempe, Arizona sports the first car-free development where everything you need to do can be done within five minutes.

The Washington Post says the ideal place for these 15-minute cities is rural areas, which would eventually look like cities. Cities are where 80% of activity goes on [including crime], says The Washington Post (WaPo). Why not make it 100%?

The soon-to-be one-party nation of the USA can force it on us with taxes and regulations on anything that is not an apartment.

Cul de Sac

The first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the United States is in the wealthy suburb of Tempe, Arizona. Warning: you’ll need a bike, and I don’t mean a motorcycle. You can share a scooter or some kind of electric vehicle. Everything is controlled by electricity and digitization. This place is fully dependent on shared transportation like buses or trains.

You could own a car, but it can’t be anywhere in Cul de Sac. There is no parking at all.

If you don’t love this, Bloomberg calls you a conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer, and anti-climate-protector type.

Heavens! They will call you names.

Cul de Sac is seventeen acres of walkable homes with stores and open space. It sits on a light rail station next to downtown. Cul de Sac Tempe is a car-free rental apartment building in Tempe, AZ. Units are situated around vibrant courtyards that become the outdoor living rooms and center of community for Cul de Sac, or so they say on their website.  You’re only a short distance from beautiful, wealthy neighborhoods you won’t live in.

This is your view in Cul de Sac with neighbors on top of you:

Here’s your garden.

The rules for pets in Cul de Sac are very strict, and they can make you give them up in a flash.


The 2030 agenda calls for 15-minute cities, ready for constant surveillance, nosy, judgmental neighbors, and social credit scores, and you will own nothing but be happy. Wait until you have digital IDs, and they install cameras everywhere or control your carbon footprint. You will have been herded into one of these by then.

They’re perfect for people here illegally, drug dealers, and committed leftists. All will undoubtedly go stir-crazy in no time.

One must wonder if they will install TV screens flashing quotes from Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Noah Harari, and other dear leaders nudging residents to think correctly.

Harari mocks the idea of free will. He wants to make us better people who obey smarter-than-us AI algorithms we can tap into in our smart phones. We’ll be able to travel with AI headgear in a virtual reality. Harari said one day, they might even inject us with their reality, and we’ll agree to it.

Harari thinks the “useless” people like teachers, engineers, farmers, truck drivers, soldiers, and nurses will be bored, so they will have to find ways to entertain the useless people. They will give us allowances so we don’t have to worry about not having jobs.

The UN’s constant surveillance society is allegedly necessary to save the planet.

WaPo claims we’ve lived this way for eons, and we should tell our town fathers to loosen up those zoning laws.

We have lived that way; it was during the Feudal times.

These are perfect for our dear leaders to control us all – pack us into little communes with non-stop surveillance.

Bloomberg writes, “But so-called 15-minute cities have become central to conspiracy theories about freedom and climate change. While the original idea is based on rethinking urban planning to make sure no one is traveling more than 15 minutes by bicycle or on foot to reach essential services, posts online have falsely conjured a dystopian vision where people are forcibly prevented from leaving their homes.”

These abodes are for the masses, not the rich. That’s your first clue that they want to control you like cattle.

Coincidentally, 15-minute cities are exactly the same as the vision of the UN, the World Economic Forum, and globalists in general.

What a coincidence.

In such a world, rights become privileges, rural areas become cities, cars become obsolete, travel is done with AI, and you’ll have someone wiser and richer than you telling you what to do.

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