Whistleblower Scandal the MSM Won’t Report


The fake whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, who triggered the impeachment against President Trump with a questionable complaint, was overheard by two staffers saying that he wanted the president out of the Oval Office. He allegedly discussed how he would do it, approximately two weeks after the President’s inauguration, according to sources who spoke to RealClearInvestigations.

The whistleblower, who we are not allowed to mention, Eric Ciaramella, was heard talking to Sean Misko, a then-White House staffer who worked closely with Ciaramella. The conversation took place at an NSC meeting held by then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in 2017.

Both worked in the White House at the time.


“Just days after he was sworn in they were already talking about trying to get rid of him. They weren’t just bent on subverting his agenda. They were plotting to actually have him removed from office,” a former White House official who overheard their discussion said.

“They didn’t like his policies. They had a political vendetta against him from Day One,” another former White House official said. “We just thought they were wacky. Little did we know.”

In summer 2019, Misko started working for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), now the House manager in the impeachment trial in the Senate, where, according to RealClearInvestigation sources. He advised Ciaramella on how to file his complaint. Schiff initially denied any connection to the whistleblower.

“From my experience, such an extremely polished whistleblowing complaint is unheard of. He appears to have collaborated in drafting his complaint with partisan House Intelligence Committee members and staff,” said Fred Fleitz, a former senior House Intelligence Committee staff member who has fielded numerous whistleblower complaints.

RealClearInvestigaions.com was the first to mention Ciaramella’s name.


The whistleblower’s probably not honest. The CIA operative never reported his contacts with Schiff’s office to the intelligence community’s inspector general who fielded his whistleblower complaint.

He withheld the information both in interviews with the inspector general, Michael Atkinson and in writing, according to impeachment committee investigators.

The whistleblower form he filled out required him to disclose whether he had “contacted other entities” — including “members of Congress.” But he left that section blank on the disclosure form he signed.

The investigators say that details about how the whistleblower consulted with Schiff’s staff and perhaps misled Atkinson about those interactions are contained in the transcript of a closed-door briefing Atkinson gave to the House Intelligence Committee last October.

Schiff won’t release it!!!!

This is believed to be Eric Ciaramella.




  1. Anybody with 1/100,000 of their brain intact, despite the massive brainwashing undertaken over the last 40+ years via the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media, are well aware of the application of Alinsky’s rule that the guilty SHOULD accuse their enemy of their own crimes…and it is being applied non stop, by said MSM. It is right out in the open, they even “campaign” on it…they all say Trump is corrupt…but where is the corruption? The fact that ALL those “saying” he is “corrupt”…ARE CORRUPT…Burisma is just the “tip of the iceberg” of what is an apparently well oiled machine to deliver kickbacks to the “donors” of foreign aid…and things like lucrative book deals for idiot writers whose books could NEVER sell enough to retrieve a fraction of the “advance”. The same felons call Trump a traitor…how convoluted can they be??? When they call for open borders…No Borders = No Country, and support those who would circumvent the “spirit and intent” and even advocate abolishing the Electoral College..No College = No Constitutional Republic…LET THAT SINK IN!!!

    • Excellent post John, as “Marxist Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’ IS the bible for the Corrupt Democrats.
      Obama taught Alinsky’s methods to “Acorn Thugs” and Hillary wrote Her thesis on Alinsky, who wanted her to work for him, but she opted instead to join “the team to Take Down Nixon”-But, she was FIRED by the Supervisor “For Lying and NOT Following the Constitution”…….

      With regard to the Ukraine’s former corrupt President, it was NOT ONLY Biden & Son who benefitted from our Aid they gave him, but “HE gave them KICK BACKS…..so actually these are the people who ‘STOLE FROM THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS Who Paid for that Aid….

      As V.P. Biden then, made $900,000 from Ukraine……Also Pelosi & Son, Paul/ John Kerry and step son/\
      JOHN BRENNAN(traveled many times to Ukraine under assumed passport-for Obama?)
      ADAM SCHIFF, who Also had a Ukrainian vp, host a Fund Raiser for him at the vp’s own home…
      and of course-HILLARY………who was on the Take from ANY Nation, Anyone with HER Scheme of “Pay to Play”

      That the American People have to put up with the “D.C. Cesspool of Corruption and that Deep State Swamp
      is just TOO MUCH, and That is the reason we voted for “The Outsider, Donald J. Trump as POTUS to clean up D.C. and ALL CORRUPT SWAMP CRITTERS who ONLY care about amassing their own personal fortunes.

  2. If witnesses are allowed, this so called “whistle blower” should be summoned and cross examined. The fact that the House made such a big deal about him should be revisited by the Senate if the dems are going to demand witnesses.

  3. I think the whole impeachment business should just be dismissed as a Game of Thrones type attempt at a government takeover of the Whitehouse, but if Senators are so weak kneed that they are willing to betray the country for their own fiefdom, and witnesses are permitted, then the Inspector General, Atkinson needs to be deposed and his testimony before congress needs to be entered into the court’s record and transcript.
    Another prospective witness would be Pater Schweitzer’s, since he is an investigative Journalist who has written extensively about the largess and cronyism with pay for access, with his latest book providing even more information about the government corruption of the Democrats. Another prospective witness, Solomon, Who I think did extensive investigation of what happened in Ukraine, including the actions of the Biden’s.
    The Democrats have reached the point however that they no longer care if the Biden’s are corrupt and have used them as pawns, or fall guys in their scheme to defame and remove from office, President Trump. It probably doesn’t matter to the outcome of the impeachment trial and even the coming election that Joe Biden has achieved levels of despotism and cronyism possibly never achieved previously, although the Clintons would be hard to beat.

  4. What REALLY frightens about all this is the vast numbers of the American public that don’t have a clue, added to the equally great numbers of the young that have been completely brainwashed. Can hardly listen to them, or read their posts, they are so without facts and reason. They don’t CARE about truth, honesty, or outright lies. Once was a time ‘Fauxhontas’ wouldn’t have had a chance with anyone, once her lies came to light. She would have been pilloried, for fraud, for having taken a spot meant for an actual native American. WHY don’t Americans seem to care if their politicians are corrupt? It is the people’s money that they are stealing! I long for a day when integrity is an important value again.

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