Whistleblower’s attorney says ’60 Minutes’ is “literally making stuff up”


CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ aired a segment of the White House whistleblower controversy on Sunday that was slanted to weigh heavily on the side of the Democrats. To make the report meaty, they lied. The whistleblower’s own leftist lawyers said they resorted to making stuff up.

In a Twitter post late Sunday, whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid denied a “60 Minutes” claim that the whistleblower is “under federal protection because he or she fears for their safety.”

“NEWS ALERT: 60 Minutes completely misinterpreted the contents of our letter,” Zaid wrote.

As expected, the program tweeted, “60 Minutes stands by its sources and reporting on the whistleblower,” poking the bear.

It didn’t go over well with Zaid who then accused “60 Minutes” of “literally making stuff up.”

The ’60 Minutes’ report didn’t identify the letter it claimed to have which was meant to back them up.

They only embedded the letter to the Acting DNI Joseph Maguire. That letter was signed by the lead attorney, Andrew Bakaj, and while it did discuss security concerns, it in no way indicated anyone was under “federal protection.”


Mark Zaid

The attorneys seem to not want Republicans or the President to know who the accuser is or anything about him. How else do they protect his identity? Is he going to testify with a mask, dark sunglasses and a wig perhaps?

It is unAmerican to accept complaints from an anonymous person without first-hand information and not let the accused face the accuser.

Democrats are ruining our system of justice. They don’t care what they have to destroy to ruin the GOP.

According to Zaid, complainants never needed first-hand information to become a whistleblower, however, it was always required on the form. In addition, reports iva CNN and the NY Times indicated that he is not allowed to testify as a whistleblower since he doesn’t qualify.

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