Whistleblowers Come Forward on Purging Conservatives from the Agency


Rep. Jim Jordan said whistleblowers told him the DOJ is purging conservatives from the agency [as if the DOJ isn’t tainted and politicized enough]. They are suspending employees and taking away their security clearances if they disagree with their narratives, such as the Jan. 6 investigation of the school board issue.

Six agents have come forward to Congress: two on the school board issues, and four on the J6 probe.

The DOJ and other agencies are weaponized against political opponents. That is how the Left is operating.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

Republicans were silent against Sessions and Barr for those 4 very critical years in our history, while US justice was corrupted beyond repair. Now they whine. Calling this too little too late is an incredible understatement. When Jordan endorsed McCarthy, he lost credibility. MTG, Boebert, Gaetz, … are the real leaders in the house. Jordan is a campaigner. Jordan can yell all he wants, the purging will not stop.

9 months ago

This is Political Prosecution and a crime. When Politicians and Bureaucrats do this they should lose all immunity and be subject to personal liability, both criminal and civil.