White college football analyst sobs on-air over racism against blacks


Emotional blackmail!

College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit sobbed on-air over racism against blacks. “If you’re a white player in these locker rooms, I think it’s incumbent upon you to really help with the change,” Herbstreit, who is white, said on ESPN’s “College GameDay.”

Within seconds, he broke down crying and sniveling or he’s acting.

“The black community is hurting. How do you listen to these stories and not feel pain? And not — not want to help: You know what I mean?”

We do and so does President Trump which is why he has set up opportunity zones, increased funds to black colleges, established a one-step program as part of his criminal justice reform, and so on.

The crocodile tears do nothing to further the argument, but they are divisive.

He sounded like an idiot as he started to sob. The woman in the top right box in the video below also cried, but at least she’s black and might have a reason.

Herbstreit said white people can’t relate to black people being pulled over because of the color of their skin. “But you can listen,” he sobbed while sniffling, “and you can try to help. Because this is not OK. It’s just not.”

It’s not okay to pull black people over because of the color of their skin. That is wrong. But if they look like a suspect, that is okay.

I guess we won’t be watching much college football either.


Meanwhile, no one seems to notice that white privilege mantras are racist. His tears seem so fake, but who knows. He is crying for Black Lives Matter in all likelihood, a loosely-knit movement of Marxist mobs united in one thing — turning the nation communist with them in charge.

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