#WalkAway founder’s guard charged with assault after being mobbed


Brandon Straka and his #WalkAway movement held a large rally of hundreds in Dallas, Texas Saturday. Former Democrats told stories about how they walked away from the Democrat Party.

During the rally, a local Black Lives Matter group stormed the stage. One BLM activist put his fist in the security guard’s face who then forcibly removed from the stage area.

Straka’s security detained the mob as they came from behind the stage.

No attendees were harmed.

When police arrived, they took away the security guard. It’s not only the police who will be kept from doing their job. Guards will be also.

Straka and his staff went to the police station to inquire about the security guard. That’s when they were attacked by the BLM mob. About 40 BLMers chased after them for blocks.

Straka later found out that the Dallas police charged the security agent with assault.

The Black Lives Matter member who started the problems is Dominique Alexander, an activist for “Next Generation Action Network”. His fellow “NGAN” activist Michelle Bullard said a #WalkAway person pushed a child. Obviously, that was not true, Straka said. Alexander has a criminal history of abusing children and women.


Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, a Democrat, is interested in defunding police and calls it divestment.

Democrat Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown and Democrat Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot also hold ‘diverse’ views.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot won his seat in 2019 with the help of Soros cash, he acknowledged in a November 2019 interview with D Magazine following his victory.

“Yes, I did,” he said when asked if his campaign received national funding. “Through Soros.”

Creuzot drew criticism from Republicans when he announced in April 2019 that he would no longer prosecute the theft of “personal items” valued under $750 if they were considered “necessary items.”

Austin police are the same and Governor Abbott has said he could take over the police department.


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