White House Asks for $37.7B for Ukraine-Another Emergency


The White House is asking Congress for a total of $47.7 billion in emergency funding as part of a spending bill that Congress is expected to consider before a Dec. 16 deadline for a new government funding package. And 37.7B of it goes to George Washington Zelensky.

Throwing money at one of the most corrupt nations in Europe.

In September, we gave them $12 billion. Then there was a $1.5 billion emergency and a couple of $400 million arms packages.

The Breakdown in Part:
  • $21.7 billion for weapons and equipment;
  • $14.5 billion for direct budget support to Ukraine and humanitarian aid;
  • $900 million for health care and support to Ukraine refugees;
  • $626 million for nuclear security support to Ukraine and for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve;

Urkaine gets $37.7B while Americans struggle financially. Gas is soaring again and companies are laying off thousands, right before the holidays.

The White House is also trying to exploit COVID again. They want $9.25 billion for it, but it will be spent on their lunatic policies and to buy voters as it has been in the past. No one can compete with Democrats for freebies. They have no limits.

Biden wants the COVID money in case there’s a problem. He wants $750 million for smallpox vaccines.

Today, I listened to Hannity on the radio for a few minutes, and all he did was push war over the Russian missiles that landed in Poland. We don’t even have the details yet. Right and Left seem united on endless war and endless spending on Ukraine. This week $37.7B and probably $400 million next week.

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