White House UNDETERRED by SCOTUS Blocking the Business Mandate


Biden will continue to call on businesses to implement vaccination requirements despite the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier today.

~ Jen Psaki

According to the White House spokesperson, Moscow U graduate Jen Psaki, Biden will eagerly enforce the mandate that 17 million American healthcare workers must be vaccinated. As for the businesses and the OSHA rule, the White House will not be deterred and will push businesses to do their bidding.

The rule, which is actually a law, is oppressive. This Biden government is a dictatorship. As we speak, the White House is considering packing the court with some Sotomayors.



  1. The only reason the Supreme Court threw the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Loser a bone was because they are scared of Democrats packing the Court.

  2. Any means justifies the ends of burning it all down better.
    The constitution as just a “GD piece of paper” started before the disastrous Shrub Bush.
    Will the other branches of an allegedly co-equal government cede all power to the imperial executive?
    A comments forum called Jen Slacki “Peppermint Commie” for the laugh of the day besides the let the not-a-vax lovers get not-a-vaxed about 13 times a day.
    A Beatles song parody of the Tax Man updated to the Vax Man!

  3. Iti s no surprise that they resist, they have been winning by cheating the entire time, and there is no opposition to stop them. Corporations, damaged by the illegal mandate, cannow be subjected to financial intimidation.

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