Canada Drops Trucker Vax Mandate, But Not If they’re American


Canada will permit its unvaccinated truck drivers to enter from the U.S., reversing a previous decision mandating all truckers receive their COVID-19 shots according to The Hill.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said Wednesday that Canadian truck drivers who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated at the U.S.-Canada border would not be required to partake in pre-arrival, arrival, and post-arrival testing and quarantine requirements, according to Reuters.

However, American truck drivers are still required to be vaccinated starting Saturday under the new policy. If they are not, they will be turned away at the border.

Oh, that’s fair.

Trudeau was facing a lot of pressure, especially from the trucking industry.

Goods traded between the US and Canada equal about $511 billion and two-thirds are transported by truck, reports The Hill.

If we had a normal presidency, Biden would hit back to stop this insanity, but he will instead do nothing.

Now, our truckers will be penalized. How are they going to handle this mess? They have a couple of days to figure it out.

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