White House Will End Bail System After Waukesha Terror Attack


The White House doubled down on President Joe Biden’s call to end cash bail following revelations that Waukesha black suspect Darrell Brooks, a career criminal, was out on $1,000 bail at the time he allegedly plowed through and ran over white revelers, many of them children, at a Christmas parade.


The White House said that holding defendants should be based on the threat they pose to society. It should not be their ability to pay bail.

“Ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the streets,” a White House official told Fox News.

“It just means that whether you get bail should be based on the threat you pose, and not how much money you have in your bank account.” The WH added that “there shouldn’t be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy Americans.”

That is a red herring. Bail is currently set according to the threat they pose and the seriousness of their crime.

Last month, the White House released a 42-page report entitled “National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality,” which called for reforms “to end cash bail and reform our pre-trial system.”

As part of the report, a letter from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris stated that the reforms are needed to promote equality, saying that the United States has “never fully lived up to” the idea that “every one of us is equal in dignity and deserves to be treated equally.”

The Biden Administration stands by seeking to bring an end to cash bail, arguing that whether or not to keep defendants in custody should be something determined by the danger the defendant poses to the community and not by their ability to pay bail.

That policy is a disaster in New York. Everyone gets out especially minorities guilty of gun crimes. Why have any gun laws if we don’t follow them?

The White House is sticking by this policy goal at a time when the nation faces debates on bail policies — rising from the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade crash where 39-year-old Darrell Brooks Jr. is seen ramming and running over nearly 70 people, including many children in a parade.

With 32 pages of a violent criminal history going back to 1999, Brooks, a convicted sex offender, made bail twice in Wisconsin in 2021 alone, even though he was wanted in Nevada for jumping bail on the sex crime charge, according to the outlet.

His first bail was $500 and his second was $1000 after he tried to run over the mother of his baby. Earlier reports said he did run over her. Brooks’ mother paid the bail.

According to Politifact’s Biden Promise Tracker, one promise President Joe Biden made when running for president was that he “will lead a national effort to end cash bail and reform our pretrial system.”

Biden also promised to “establish a technical assistance program to help state and local jurisdictions transition to a fair, equitable and effective pretrial system that does not rely on cash bail.”

In other words, he is nationalizing the bail system and the pretrial justice system in the vision of the hard left.

The Biden campaign called cash bail a “modern-day debtors’ prison.”

“The cash bail system incarcerates people who are presumed innocent. And, it disproportionately harms low-income individuals,” the Biden campaign’s website stated.

Biden’s proposal to end the cash bail system, however, was criticized by several crime experts, according to a 2020 Forbes report.

“Biden and Harris are saying we’re just going to ban it,” American Bail Coalition expert Jeffrey Clayton told Forbes. “If a judge finds that there is a serious risk of re-offense and flight in an arson case and imposes a $250,000 bail, that person will walk under the so-called ‘cashless bail system.’”
“A judge can require all the electronic monitors he wants. But that person will not remain in jail pending trial even if they are a flight risk, danger to the community and are likely to obstruct the criminal justice process. In fact, most states are only able to deny bail in very limited circumstances — generally capital murder cases — thus nearly every criminal defendant is getting out for free under Biden’s cashless bail system. Does anyone really think most Americans favor this?” Clayon added.

“Ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the streets,” an unnamed White House official told Fox after the Waukesha tragedy, affirming the White House’s support for the policy. “It just means that whether you get bail should be based on the threat you pose, and not how much money you have in your bank account.”

“There shouldn’t be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy Americans,” the official stated.

In theory, it sounds good as a sound bite. In reality, it is not working in blue states or cities where it is the law. Criminals are immediately set free. And the cities are becoming more and more dangerous.

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