Tragic End of Notre Dame Cathedral as a Woke Communist Theme Park


Notre Dame burned down in 2019 in a mysterious fire. The cause was never found or at least revealed. The fire took place as Catholic churches across Europe, including France, were being burned down by atheists, radical Islamists, and other extremist groups.

It is being rebuilt.

Unfortunately, in a move that clearly damages the historical and religious meaning of France’s Notre Dame, the church looks like it might be built back better as a Woke Disney-like theme-ridden amusement park.

Reports say it will be dedicated to environmentalism and social justice [communism].

Not the Lord God?

Each of the chapels will be dedicated to social justice issues, including a chapel dedicated to the environment and others with African and Asian themes.

What that has to do with his its history and God himself is not clear. It sounds more like a cathedral to Mother Earth.


Notre Dame will apparently include a “discovery trail” that leads visitors through 14 themed chapels of different communist woke ideals dedicated to social justice and African and Asian themes which have nothing to do with Notre Dame’s history. It’s designed so non-Catholics can understand and enjoy it.

Why can’t they understand the actual history it represents?

Europe and the US are building back better, in other words, building a new society in the image of the hard left. This cathedral seems like it will fit in.

Confessional boxes, altars, and classical sculptures are being replaced by trendy art murals, with sound and special lighting effects to create “emotional spaces.”

In the African and Asian-themed chapels, scripture will be beamed onto the walls in various languages, including Mandarin.


Speaking to the Telegraph, Maurice Culot, described the Notre Dame revamp as “It’s as if Disney were entering Notre Dame.”

“What they are proposing to do to Notre Dame would never be done to Westminster Abbey or Saint Peter’s in Rome,” said Culot of the disgraceful revamp. “It’s a kind of theme park and very childish and trivial given the grandeur of the place.”

According to the Daily Mail, officials responsible for Notre Dame’s reconstruction say that the intent is for the monument to be accessible to tourists with no understanding of Christianity, “whether from China or Sweden.”

The politically correct Notre Dame is being slammed by senior sources close to its reconstruction. One source told the Telegraph that the plans to wokeify Notre Dame risked turning it into an “experimental showroom,” that would “mutilate” the space.

“Can you imagine the administration of the Holy See allowing something like this in the Sistine Chapel?,” said the source. “It would be unimaginable. We are not in an empty space here.”

The source, who is close to the remodeling, added that they want to turn Notre Dame into a one-of-a-kind liturgical showcase when it should be a monument where even the tiniest modification should be handled with extreme caution, Republic World reported.

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