White Privileged, Commie, Fan Girl of Sens. Warren & Markey Charged With Felonies


by James S. Soviero

A radical political activist who’s hung with powerful Dems is facing felony charges for vandalizing an Israeli company’s New Hampshire offices.

Calla Walsh, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, along with two others, was arrested after allegedly wrecking a New Hampshire building housing Haifa-based defense contractor Elbit Systems.

Calla Walsh

Walsh, 19, who was a founding organizer of an anti-Israel group’s American chapter and self-described “communist,” has been spotted over the years hanging with Dem pols, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.

The privileged daughter of Boston University English professor Chris Walsh and Mary Sullivan Walsh, a writing instructor at Harvard Extension School, Calla Walsh has received fawning coverage in the press as a darling of leftist political activism in New England.

The New York Times and Boston Magazine cheered the then-16-year-old’s involvement in the senate campaign for Ed Markey as crucial to the Democratic pol’s 2020 victory.

Calla has long been a heated, provocative critic of Israel, even promoting on social media the Mapping Project, which listed the names and addresses of nearly 500 institutions in Massachusetts, many of them linked to the Jewish community or Israel.  The “little dear” also shared online that “there is no ‘peaceful solution’ under military occupation” for Palestinians.

The targeted building had been graffitied with red spray paint, and smoke could be seen billowing from the roof. Inside, authorities found smashed skylights and damaged HVAC equipment. An incendiary device similar to the ones used to produce the smoke seen on the roof had also been discovered on one of the suspects.

Calla and and her arrested co-rioters face a slew of felony charges for vandalizing Elbit’s offices, including rioting, sabotage, and attempted burglary, along with one count each of misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

Walsh, held on $20,000 bail, whined on X after ponying up the fees that she is “facing an extreme level of political repression from the state” and that “Palestine will be free.”

Mommy Walsh unsurprisingly called for the “totally inflated and embellished” charges to be dropped.

Of course she did.

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2 months ago

Some time in prison will scare her straight when some big lesbian Mommas enjoy her on weekends. Prison not a good place for coddled little leftists.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Met too many like her when going to uni. Don’t miss them one little iota.