Who Is Nahel Merzouk, France’s George Floyd – Video of Shooting


The deceased 17-year-old ethnic young man, Nahel Merzouk, was shot and killed by a police officer in a Paris suburb trying to evade capture for a sixth time. His tragic death has led to extremely violent protests.

Nahel was Algerian and Moroccan and an only child of a single mother. Most of the immigrants in France are from Algeria, once a French colony.

Several articles said he didn’t have a driver’s license but was the car’s driver. According to his mother, he didn’t have a police record, but France24 says he was in a rehabilitation program over problems at school.

His mom said he was a “good, kind boy.”

He appeared in a cop-hating gangsta rap video last month.

Nahel Merzouk o the right in the Jul gangsta video

Some reports say that while trying to evade the police, he went on a wild, high-speed chase in a yellow Mercedes A-Class.

When police caught up with him, they ordered him to shut the engine off. Two French police officers are standing at the driver’s side window, one with his gun drawn. According to France24, a voice says, “You are going to get a bullet in the head.”

The France24 report was based on one of the other passengers in the car. The passenger claims it was an ordinary stop, and the officer hit Nahel, and then the other officer joined in. I didn’t see the officers hitting Nahel in this clip.

Nahel floored the gas, striking the officer, perhaps the officer’s arm.

The officer fires the gun into the car. He then appears to step back or is knocked backward by the vehicle as Nahel takes off.

The officer was quickly charged with voluntary homicide, which is murder in the US. He is imprisoned at this time. The officer is 38 years of age.

Nahel had at least five charges of evading arrest. France Info reported that he had previously faced discipline for behavioral problems in school but entered a “professional integration program” that employs rugby.

When this shooting occurred, reports said he was well known to police.

That doesn’t mean he should have been shot.

It looks like Nahel Merzouk is France’s George Floyd. Nahel’s problems with the law have disappeared from the Internet, and he is portrayed much as George Floyd was – without flaws. The riots are similar to the Floyd riots. The video is one piece of evidence that doesn’t make the officer look good.

Macron thinks the perps are social media.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
4 months ago

His mother says he did not have a criminal record…well… that is only half true at best… they don t call it a criminal record because he is a minor, but it is still a record of the minor’s crimes.

If I am not mistaken crimes committed as a minor are erased or expunged from the file once the kid turns 18.

It may not be called a criminal record, but it still contains a list of the crimes that criminal committed.

Also since he escaped police 5 times before his 6th and last time, then of course there is a record somewhere of all those times he escaped or tried to escape…they are in a report for a minor, but they are still crimes.

At minimum his record contains those 5 times he resisted arrest or ran away, but apparently it also contains 15 other things that kid did in the last 2 years, selling drugs, stealing a license plate and putting it on another car, driving without a license etc etc

Before the two cops stopped him in that yellow car, the police had been chasing him for a while, he was driving recklessly because that car is a special mercedes, an AMG which are very fast cars, during that chase he almost hit two people on the road, so when the cops finally stopped him they were very fed up with him, and very angry,

and despite having a gun pointed at him, he disrespected authority and sped away, and as he sped away he could have hurt or killed one of the police officers.

If the cop was aiming at his legs and because the car moved so fast the cop hit something ( chest I think ? ), I blame the 17 year old criminal for that, not the cop.

Why should cop put on the kid gloves when a 17 year old has been known to cause trouble and commit crimes regularly and escapes from the police regularly, what were the cops supposed to do? let him keep on doing dangerous and illegal things ???

that 17 year old is dead because of his own IMBECILITY.

I feel ZERO sympathy for him. ZERO.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

France 24 is junk. The criminal was under arrest and tried to flee. Trying to flee when 2 officers are in the window is a violent act.

But in the Floyd death, the officer took no actions at all to cause it.