Whopping 83% of Voters Say DJT Should Stay in the Race


An NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist College poll released on Friday found a whopping 83% of Republicans say Donald Trump should stay in the race.

“In light of former President Donald Trump’s indictment by a Florida grand jury, Trump’s GOP base remains steadfast in its support for the former president,” the pollsters reported. “Most Republicans believe Trump should remain in the race, and his favorability among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents remains strong.”

Democrats (87%) and nearly six in ten independents (58%) said Trump should end his campaign.

The Independents’ views are concerning since they decide the general election. However, it’s way too early to hang a hat on this. The trials haven’t even begun, and these aren’t the best pollsters.

Nearly 50% of voters believe Donald Trump did something illegal, 26% thought he did nothing wrong, and 22% said he did something unethical.

It was divided along party lines with 78% of Democrats believing he did something illegal, and only 8% saying he did nothing wrong; 50% of Republicans said he did nothing wrong and 13% said he did something illegal.

Considering that every mainstream media outlet except Newsmax and OANN is ripping him apart, that’s not bad.

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