Why ban guns? Jesse Kelly says “they want the freedom to hurt you”


In this clip, Jesse Kelly explains exactly what the hard left is up to. The hard left [communists and socialists] under David Chipman will soon control the ATF and your guns. He is Biden’s nominee for ATF chief.

Kelly doesn’t mince words.

David Chipman, a proven liar, is also a zealot. Chipman falsely claimed the Branch Davidians in Waco in 1993 shot down federal helicopters. He was involved in that disaster, and he lied.

He is also lying about guns, and supports a ban on the AR-15. Chipman falsely claims it’s a particularly lethal weapon. The AR-15 won’t be the end of it as he suggests in the Tucker-Kelly clip below.

Kelly said banning the AR-15 means we get the world David Chipman wants where he can hurt us. He wants the “freedom to hurt you.” Your “fellow Americans want you dead or at least don’t care if you’re dead.” These people think we’re Nazis and they don’t want Nazis to own guns.

As Tucker says in this clip, AR-15 owners kill fewer people than police and police don’t kill many people.

It’s “not about reducing violence, well not real violence, none of these people care about mass shootings, they don’t care about inner-city violence…”

“What they care about is they’ve never been able to achieve their final socialist dream in America because half the country owns a lot of firearms. That’s just the truth. That was step one for every other scumbag dictator in history and our Left in this country missed that step.”

“And it’s the only thing separating them from Pol Pot,” Kelly said.


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