Why Holdouts Don’t Want to Vote for Jordan as He Loses Again


Update: Jim Jordan will allegedly back Patrick McHenry for interim Speaker. We need someone quickly, in my estimation, or Democrats will have a lot of material for their propaganda. What do you think?

Rep. Jim Jordan lost 25 votes and only won 194 on his fourth attempt. Rep. Jordan does not appear to have a path to the Speakership.

Rep. Jordan could try a fourth time, or he could try to convince members to allow Patrick McFail to temporarily assume more power as interim.

The narrator in this clip is a far-left loon who calls conservatives extreme ultra-Maga Republicans. He keeps calling it a historic loss without mentioning the contentious situation.


Rep. Jim Jordan gave what I found to be an inspirational speech to the House members before today’s vote to select him as Speaker. Predictions are that it won’t matter, and he’ll lose even more votes. It’s infuriating many of their voters.

Rep. Jordan called for a new era in leadership during his speech.

“The very government that is supposed to serve us has turned on the taxpayers who pay for it… the American people are thirsty for change,” he said.

Longer clip:


One complaint against him is that the Democrats will keep saying he knew about a pedophile doctor when he was an assistant coach decades ago. They don’t want to deal with it; however, no matter who’s in, Democrats will rip them apart, and the media will join in.

Some won’t vote for him because they’ll want to move on to someone else since they say he can’t win.

Others think he’s a disaster who can’t build consensus. They say he’s never passed significant legislation. Kevin McCarthy contradicted that.

Some fear they will have to deal with stolen election issues, and they fear the “mob.”

Some voted for Jordan because they knew he couldn’t win, and they looked good voting for him.

There are other reasons, but these are the main ones. I’m not saying. I agree, of course, just that it’s what they are saying.

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