Palestinian Terrorists Churn Up the “Martyr” Propaganda Machine


The Palestinian terrorists of Hamas have churned up their highly-effective public relations apparatus. They slaughtered roughly 1400 innocent Israelis, including children and Holocaust survivors, and they wounded roughly over 3,600. People were burned and beheaded. So, who are the victims? The Hamas public relations firm will tell you it’s Hamas.

This video below is allegedly a devastated son, a doctor, who lost his father – a martyr for the cause. Could be true or a lie, but the point is they’re calling a terrorist a “martyr.”

The terrorists are not only painted as martyrs; the terrorist sympathizers in the United States agree. They couldn’t jump fast enough on Hamas propaganda over the missile they shot off fast enough. They claimed hundreds died when 20 might have died – at their hands.

This scene below looks like an act, and these are the people Democrats want to bring into the United States.

Allegedly, this little girl in the clip below lost her mother in Israeli bombing, which could well be a lie. These videos are all over social media. It’s no longer Jews who are victims; it’s the beheaders who are. Palestinian Hamas started this, not the Jews.

Also, there are a lot of videos of Orthodox Jews who hate Israel online, so there’s that.

Israel does face an existential threat. If they don’t stop Hamas, Hamas will keep massacring them until there are none left.

I don’t want to enter a war with Iran or continue the war with Ukraine. Weapon supplies are one thing; sending troops is quite another.

This speaker said he presents an Israeli perspective you’ve probably never heard. This man does not support the current Israeli government. He goes through the history.

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