WI Dem Candidate Wants to Empty Out Half the Prisons


Wisconsin Democrat Tony Evers wants to reduce the prison population by 50 percent. To do that, he needs to put 50 percent of the population on the street or never imprison them at all.

NTK News Network posted this new Republican ad to let people know what Evers wants to do. It was created by The Republican Governors Association (RGA). Evers is running against Scott Walker for governor.

God help Wisconsin if Evers gets in. He’s a loon.



  1. This nut job’s stance on releasing criminals or not even trying criminals makes me wonder what crimes he has committed. He sounds like a loon. Americans for the most part want our laws observed and enforced. We do not want criminals to get away without standing trial and paying the price if convicted. This man is a typical whacko far left liberal. Vote Republican if you value the moral standards on which our country was founded.

  2. Hmmm…freeing drug offenders…kind of an amazing Idea. 1. Drug based incarceration costs America good money. 2. Real Republicans believe in free trade. Regulating the drug industry would bring millions of jobs and trillions in taxes. 3. Paying taxes to crooked prison unions is about as leftist as it gets. Being a republican isn’t about being afraid, it’s about being bold. This is an untapped industry waiting to be legalized and taxed. Regulation also destroys black market trade. My point? Lower crime. No gangs. Business created from an industry that’s never going away. Your media outlet is trash propaganda

    • But it hasn’t. Legal marijuana growers are often forced to pay off the cartels to be allowed to exist. The black marketeers are now dealing in harder drugs and working on getting kids addicted. Colorado is a mess now and the legalization of pot has not helped.

      They aren’t drug offenders, they are drug dealers.

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