WI Deputy suspended for asking what local officials thought of Tlaib’s tweet


Wisconsin deputy David Willoughby, a former Marine, was suspended for having the audacity to ask politicians where they stood on Rashida Tlaib’s tweet. Willoughby obviously loves his country and continues to defend it.

He was suspended by Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas after he sent an email to local politicians simply asking whether they supported an anti-law enforcement tweet by Democratic Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Wisconsin Right Now reports.

Rashida is strongly defending the Hamas terror organization over Israel.

Deputy Willoughby’s wife said they are “bullying” him.

The Story

All he did was ask every member of the Milwaukee County Board and state Legislature, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, whether they supported Tlaib’s comments that policing is “inherently and intentionally racist” and that policing “can’t be reformed.”

In addition to supporting Hamas, Tlaib is also opposed to policing and incarceration.

Reportedly, the officials were so upset being asked that they told Lucas that Willoughby’s email was everything from “hostile” to “intimidating,” he says.

These officials are out of control. They’re not royalty and serve at the will of the people.

Willoughby told Wisconsin Right Now in an exclusive interview that he just wanted to know where the elected officials stood and planned to show their responses to other law enforcement officers and the Sheriff’s Department Deputies’ union. Although at least one Republican legislator – Mike Kuglitsch of New Berlin – immediately responded that he opposed Tlaib’s comments, a slew of Democrats took offense that Willoughby sent the email at all and tried to get him in trouble with his boss, the elected sheriff who was widely supported by Democrats when he ran for office.

The lame excuse for suspending him was that he used his title and department in the email.

So what?

He just wanted to know where they stood. The cowards don’t want to say.

This is what he sent according to the outlet:

“US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Democrat from Michigan, recently tweeted:

‘It wasn’t an accident. Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist. Daunte Wright was met with aggression & violence. I am done with those who condone government-funded murder. No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed.’

I want to know where you stand on Tlaib’s tweet. Please choose from the following:

1. I strongly agree with her
2. I agree with her
3. I somewhat agree/disagree with her
4. I disagree with her
5. I strongly disagree with her

Please do not respond with a long, politically correct answer, just a number and which political party you most align with.

Thank you,

Deputy Willoughby
Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.”

The wormy Democrat officials still won’t say where they stand, although I think we know. They only represent the hard-left which treats them like little kings and queens — as long as they do their bidding.

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