Widow Fumes While Cop-Killer Freed on Cuomo’s Watch Votes as a Democrat


Murdered officers, Joseph Piagentini and Wavery Jones

On July 19th, convicted cop-killer Herman Bell registered to vote via mail.  He registered as a Democrat.  The registration took effect July 23rd  and the parolee will be eligible to vote in his party’s Thursday primary. 

During a New York Post interview, the widow of  NYC Police Officer Joseph Piagentini spoke out.  “My husband was assassinated! Cuomo gave him the right to vote. He gave three-time cop-killer Herman Bell the right to vote.”  Along with killing Joseph’s partner, Waverly Jones, Bell had also pleaded guilty to a Black Liberation Army orchestrated killing of Sgt. John Young, in San Francisco.  

In 1971, Officer Piagentini was shot by Bell at point-blank range during an ambush in Harlem.  Joseph pleaded for his life before Bell murdered him.  

“I believe Herman Bell should have never been given the right to vote by executive order. In this case with what he has done, I will not vote for Cuomo,” Piagentini said.

“I will vote for [GOP candidate] Marc Molinaro. My family will not vote for Cuomo, my friends will not. Gov. Cuomo … has no regard for the people of New York and is desperate for votes,” she fumed.

Molinaro stated, “Herman Bell murdered two brave NYPD officers in cold blood. How can Andrew Cuomo look their families in the eye? And now he’s illegally sending convicted child molesters into schools for the primary. Are a handful of extra votes really worth that, Andrew? Think about it.”

Regarding Marc Molinaro’s comment, we’d offer some sobering, even scary thoughts.  Cuomo won’t be looking at those families in their collective eyes.  Worse still, he did “Think about it.”, before letting convicted child molesters into schools, and giving cop-killers the right to vote.  

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