Will 64 Contrite Democrats Commend Trump’s Handling of Kim?



Just last week the media was breathlessly reporting that President Trump’s tough talk directed at North Korea was bringing us ever so much closer to a nuclear Armageddon.   His “fire and fury” comment had certain reporters, along with Democrat members of Congress, running for the smelling salts; with the latter mentioned apparently grabbing for their House Stationery along the way.

Some time around August 10th 64 members of “the loyal opposition” dipped their quivering quills in some congressional ink and signed a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling Trump’s comments, “….irresponsible and dangerous, and….providing a boon to domestic North Korean propaganda….”.   If that wasn’t enough, the group led by Rep. John Congers (D-Mich.), plaintively called on Sec. Tillerson, “to do everything in your power to ensure that President Trump and other Administration officials understand the importance of speaking and acting with the utmost caution and restraint on this delicate issue.” They brazenly pushed on, “Congress and the American public will hold President Trump responsible if a careless or ill-advised miscalculation results in conflict that endangers our service members and regional allies.”

News Flash! On Wednesday, August 15th, a day Kim Jong-un had hinted might be chosen to drop a few ICBM’s around Guam, we learned the blustering, bellicose dictator had “backed off” his missile threat. Yes, our president’s “dangerous” statements not withstanding, Kim “blinked”. With his retreat, a possible apocalyptic fall out of radiation, and perhaps the loss of millions of lives was thankfully averted.

It seems pretty clear the Commander in Chief has steered the right course through this “delicate” situation and, looking at the results, avoided any “careless or ill-advised miscalculation(s)”.   Given this kind of pivotal success had escaped his cautious and restrained predecessors, maybe it’s time for those 64 misguided Democrat members of Congress to send another letter.

They could put pen to paper, admit their mistake and commend President Trump on his bold, decisive, successful action. After all, this assertive fresh approach may lead to new “winning” strategy in dealing with an increasingly dangerous, decades old problem from a homicidal regime.

We’d bet you wouldn’t get 10% of the original signees on board with that second letter.

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