Antifa Violence Banned But a Viral Vice Video Shows the Evil of the Nazi/KKK


Evil fights evil.

Videos showing violence by Antifa are being banned by YouTube. You can go to the link or watch the video below to see one such example.

In the video, an Antifa in Portland attacks a black Youtube star. The victim goes by Airliner World & More on youtube. The Antifa recognized him as someone who had criticized them online.

The video was banned for displaying “hate”.

This is the notice they received:

A reporter in Portland said they were told not to cover Antifa, or photograph them, or videotape them. It’s too dangerous.

An evil Nazi/KKK operative can be seen, however.

Christopher Cantwell was the main subject of a Vice News documentary about the protests and violence in Charlottesville. Though the white supremacist now lives in New Hampshire, he is a Long Island native from Stony Brook. He also has a criminal record for weapons and DWI charges.

He has an alt-right call-in show called ‘Radical Agenda’, where he hosts racist guests. He calls himself a fascist and according to Southern Poverty Law Center, he wants blacks, Jews, and non-white immigrants removed from the country. He wants police officers and government officials assassinated. He refers to blacks in a despicable way as well.

In the VICE News documentary, Cantwell marches and chants, “Jews will not replace us.”

There is another Youtube video that went viral in which he cries about being scared to go outside his hotel.

Is it any wonder that a bully is also a coward?

It’s just awful, he’s awful, but that doesn’t make the other side okay. People need to hear the truth.

Unfortunately, these horrid Neo-Nazis are defending statues and monuments in the South, destroying the argument for keeping them.

This is evil against evil though the Nazi/KKK have the communists beat in the amount of evil they inflicted in Charlottesville. It would be hard to be more evil than Mr. Cantwell.

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