NYC Normalizes Pro-Terrorist Mobs Rampaging Throughout NYC


New York City’s soft-on-crime policies are normalizing vicious pro-terrorist mobs in Manhattan. Yesterday, these lunatics rampaged throughout the city, terrorizing New Yorkers.

Raging mobs of people waving Palestinian flags and holding signs tore through New York City this weekend. Police unsuccessfully tried at times to contain the crowds, but the mob was mostly allowed to run wild.

Police are forced to stand down.

If this continues, it’s going to get much worse. It’s very simple. Anyone who has a visa needs to be sent home, and these spoiled commie college youth need to be arrested. They’re disturbing the peace and terrorizing people. They’re dangerous.

The fact that Biden has banned sending people rioting while on Visas home shows the USA has been hijacked. People better wake up.

The New York Post reports:

Pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets of New York City again Saturday, storming Times Square after they were rebuffed as they tried to enter the American Museum of Natural History for the second weekend in a row.

The protest, which started at the Upper West Side museum at 2 p.m., included the expectation that demonstrators would enter the institution two hours later for an “anti-colonial tour.”

Around 200 anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside the museum by 4 p.m., carrying signs and chanting, “Free Palestine,” along with antisemitic slogans like, “there is only one solution, Intifada revolution.”

Within Our Lifetime, the group that organized Saturday’s protest, asked demonstrators to show up to the museum in “small groups” adorned with Palestinian flags and banners, according to an Instagram post…

Marchers who have joined the Within Our Lifetime rallies in recent weeks have vandalized buildings like the New York Public Library, including spraying graffiti and breaking glass doors…

People tore down posters of missing Israelis.

An Upper West Side resident was left bloodied after a confrontation during a Pro-Palestine march coming from AMNH. Thousand of Palestine supporters marched through the neighborhood, ripping down many KIDNAPPED posters along the way.

Screaming, Shame Shame!” Pro-Palestine protesters storm into Manhattan Starbucks “Free Palestine!” they left shortly after demonstrating inside, one protester holding a UN flag with writing on it.

As they ran around a shopping center, they shouted, “Israel you can’t hide! You committing genocide!” -Hundreds of Palestine supporters storm through Columbus Circle Shopping Center in Manhattan, demanding to Free Palestine.

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2 months ago

James Woods nails it in his tweet above. And I quote:

“Now imagine that your nation has been infiltrated by millions of military age religious zealots taking their orders from your sworn enemy.”

What could go wrong? Think Israel, October 7, 2023.

God help us!

2 months ago

I have zero sympathy for these New York liberals who vote for democrats all the time.

2 months ago

New York in trouble, and headed towards more trouble. Extremely bad trouble.