Democrat Witch Hunt to Get FBI Director Jim Comey


Team Clinton blamed FBI Director Jim Comey for Hillary Clinton’s loss in November’s election. What the left won’t accept is that Hillary was a lousy candidate who was unfit for the office.

The White House agrees with the Inspector General’s decision to investigate the DoJ’s and FBI’s actions in the weeks and days prior to the election.

Earnest Denies They Had Anything to Do With the Decision

A reporter asked Earnest if the White House stood behind or instigated the investigation by the IG.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said, “Well, this is decisions that are made by Inspectors General across the administration — are independent.

This administration assiduously protected the independence of inspectors general and we wouldn’t weigh in, publicly or privately, on any sort of investigative decision that’s made by an inspector general.

Presumably the stakes are even higher for inspector general who has a responsibility for conducting these kinds of investigations of independent law enforcement agencies.

So I can tell you that the White House was not involved in that decision and anything the inspector general chooses to investigate is something that he or she will do based on their own view of the situation, based on their own knowledge of the facts, and hopefully they will follow the evidence where it leads, if they find any evidence.

Do you believe they weren’t involved?

HIllary Has Been Pushing for This

Hillary’s former campaign directors have been screaming for an investigation of Jim Comey. Along with the Clintons, Brian Fallon and Robby Mook have insisted Comey cost her the election by looking into the Weiner laptop until days before the election.

Mook was asked about the investigation.

“Well, Wolf, thanks for having me. We do welcome this,” Mook said. I certainly welcome it. We expressed deep concerns during the campaign, as you know, that what Director Comey did was not just inappropriate, it was a breach of long-standing Justice Department protocol, both to editorialize about what he thought about Secretary Clinton rather than just saying he was not recommending that the investigation move forward.

And, of course, the letters were completely inappropriate. The fact that he sent a letter to Congress saying he may have some information, he wasn’t sure, and lo and behold, a few days later came back and said, I don’t have anything there. And, so, I’m glad that someone has finally spoken up and is looking into this and, you know, we look forward to seeing what the findings are.”

Brian Fallon already has him convicted. “No question” Comey’s actions were “decisive” in tilting the election to Trump, he said.

The left will not accept Hillary’s loss.

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