With Blank Stares Biden Talks of Giving Israelis a Sense of Hope


While speaking with reporters on Air Force One, Joe Biden expressed sympathy over the genocidal attack of Jewish people on October 7th by Hamas terrorists. He paused frequently and often stared blankly, looking sad or frightened.

“Virtually every mass shooting… every circumstance…where a large number of people have been victimized and lost, I spoke with. I learned a long time ago that you all learned in your life when someone’s going through something that’s beyond their comprehension [mumbles]. If they see someone who they think understands or maybe there… just something, not the same, but similar… gives them some sense of hope, and I always get criticized.

“Sometimes, when my staff people, I go to these events, I stay for three or four hours, answer all their questions, and it matters. It matters.

“There’s a lot, and uh look, I’m talking, some of you have gone through a hell of a lot more than I’ve gone through and a lot more than other people, you understand.

“It’s just, it’s just, people are looking for just something to grab. Something that gives them some sense of hope. That’s if I can do a little of that; it’s worth doing, not for me.
Biden is notorious for not staying after speeches and answering questions.”

Yesterday, while in Israel, he said he was giving Gaza $100 million. Hamas runs Gaza and gets all the funds. Hamas is an Iran proxy, and all the sanctions on Iran buying and selling missiles and drones were released yesterday with his approval.


When the Hamas missile breaking up over a hospital parking lot was brought up, he claimed he was hesitant because he was waiting for all the facts. Then, he became facetious.

“I’m not suggesting that Hamas deliberately did it … [They] gotta learn how to shoot straight,” he said.

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