Why Some Jews Support Palestinian Hamas Terrorists


Legacy media publications and many on social media promoted an insurrection by groups of allegedly Jewish people supporting Palestinian Hamas.

One group storming the Canon building yesterday is called Jewish Voice for Peace. They are one of several allegedly Jewish groups that repeated the call for peace after Palestinian Hamas committed genocidal slaughter reminiscent of the Nazi pogroms.

On Wednesday, Rob Schmitt suggested on his Newsmax show that they might not be serious, Jewish people, or even Jewish. Some men in the Canon rotunda were wearing the Tallit disrespectfully for one thing, and it looked more like a BLM rally than a Jewish peace group for another.


Many of these groups are more leftist and progressive than Jewish – if they are Jewish at all. Rabbi Aryeh Spero explained to me that this is the problem. They are progressives first, even before being Jewish.

That’s especially true of the younger Jewish person. Some are lending support to these radicals. Progressive Jewish youth have been asked to check their support of Israel at the door.

Unfortunately, some are doing it.

One group that stormed the Canon building, called If Not Now, said, “We cannot, and will not say today’s actions by Palestinian militants [terrorists] are unprovoked,” but “every day,  Israel’s system of apartheid is a provocation. The strangling siege on Gazza is a provocation.”

Much of this misinformation stems from the college campuses and the Marxist professors.

These groups are literally spreading Hamas – terrorist – propaganda. Israel is not an apartheid nation. They are not colonizers. Israel is only trying to survive. If a genocidal attack won’t change people’s minds, what will?

Historian at ADL Sarah Hirschhorn explained:

“There is a generational change among young millennial American Jews that is signified in this [IfNotNow] statement, and it suggests there are some shifting attitudes here,” Hirschhorn told The Times of Israel on Monday.

On many campuses, said Hirschhorn, “young Jews are being asked to check their Zionism at the door of the progressive cause. If they are hearing from their peers that Zionism represents bigotry, injustice, and racism, why would they stand for Israel?”

America is turning against Israel. The problem is the indoctrinated youth and the radicals pouring into our country. Regardless of what race, religion, or sexual predilections people have, if you are a progressive, the progressive ideology comes first, before all things.

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