Gangland News: 77% of Chicago Homicide Victims Are Black


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson needs to reconsider his anti-police, pro-criminal, soft-on-crime ideology. It’s not working. Of all the increased homicides in Chicago, 77% are black victims.

Chicago Police Department data shows that there were 725 homicides across the city in 2022, a 43% increase over the 508 that were recorded in 2019, or the last year of the dawn before the COVID-19 pandemic, Just the News reported.

Data shows practically every area of the city was impacted by the increased violence in 19 of the 22 districts recording more murders; black communities were hit the hardest. Black Chicagoans represent 77% of the homicide victims while making up only 29% of the overall population.

Additionally, nearly 25% of all homicide victims were 21 or younger, with gang activity (40%) proving to be the primary motive behind most of the violence.

Organizations like Violence Interrupters were making a difference, but it became derailed by the Covid lockdown.

The executive director of Violence Interrupters, Tio Hardiman, said that one reason why shootings and homicides spiked was “due to the fact, a lot of the social-political leaders became soft on crime. A lot of legislators have made decisions from the mountaintop when it comes down to criminal justice, reform, and policy was put in place like the no-chase. I think police should be able to chase; they just have to use discretion when they chase.

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