Without DEI and White Guilt, 2 Acting Out Gals Face Prison in Bali


Two black women from New York and London appear to have attacked staff at a nail salon in Asia. They didn’t want to pay the price and became physical. The police caught up with them at the airport, made them wear prison orange, and perp walked them to the cameras.

These two are facing two years in prison. They don’t mess around in Bali.

The women, identified by local media as Andrea CW, 37, from London, and Chansler A, 37, from New York, reportedly assaulted staff of the Ombre Nail Salon in Kerobokan over a misunderstanding about payment.

The backpackers allegedly did not have enough money to pay the fees for an extra treatment they asked for and became angry when the staff tried to charge them for the service.

Chansler can be seen in the video pulling the clerk over the counter. After she lets go and falls back, Andrea came over screaming at the clerk.

Daily Mail Report

The manager of Ombre Nails Studio said: “These customers came and asked for treatment in our studio, and they were informed about the prices and everything, but in the end, they refused to pay the amounts.

“They blackmailed us that if we kept asking them to pay, they will leave a bad review, and they started to verbally abuse our staff.

“All proof was recorded and is being handled by our lawyer, and we submitted a report to police last night.

“They also attempted to take our money in the cashier and caused some physical injury and mental shock to our staff.

“We needed to catch them so they can at least apologize to our staff. Some of them are still trembling and crying until today.”

Police caught them at the airport trying to flee to Thailand.

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1 month ago

Some nail shops here find ways to not service them.

Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
2 months ago

Black culture is the same no matter where they go. They truly are Dr. Moureau’s children.