Without Knowing a Thing, Chelsea Clinton Blames Guns for Aurora Killings


During a horrendous shooting at a manufacturing plant in Aurora, Illinois, five people were murdered, including the killer, and five police officers were shot, another was wounded but not by gunfire, after rushing in to stop the shooter. Other people in the plant were repeatedly wounded.

The police rushed despite the imminent danger to save others.

An employee being fired shot his colleagues. Police have identified the suspected shooter as 45-year-old Gary Martin, an employee of the firm whom they said was killed after exchanging gunfire with officers inside the 29,000-square-foot plant.

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said Friday evening that authorities were currently “unsure of the motive of this act of violence.”

The killer had prior arrests for domestic battery, disorderly conduct, and causing property damage. He had a felony conviction for aggravated assault out of Mississippi in 1995. It was only discovered when he applied for a concealed carry permit. His right to gun ownership was withdrawn. They are tracing the gun he used at this time.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the mother of the alleged gunman said her son had been laid off two weeks ago and was “stressed out” before the shooting.

Gunman Gary Martin, 45 years


Chelsea Clinton doesn’t know anything, but she is blaming the weapon the killer chose for the deaths and injuries, not the killer.

She tweeted: “Incandescent fury for the lawmakers in Washington and various state capitals who have done nothing to prevent mass shootings. It’s never too early to talk about gun violence prevention – it’s always too late.”

How poetic and inane. She is obviously blaming Republicans and legal gun owners for this crime.

These anti-gun people are clueless. Illinois has very strict gun laws. The shooter could as easily run them over, stabbed them, bombed the place. She is a fool.

If someone ran her over, would she blame the car?


  1. Chelsea Clinton well her last name tells us all we need to know. A gun doesn’t fire on it’s own there has to be a finger on the trigger. This man was denied a gun when he went to buy one so where did he get the gun that killed 5 people and injured 6 more? This just proves when someone wants a gun they will get a gun no matter how. The city could have the strictest gun laws but hey look at Chicago. When will the Clinton’s just go away?

  2. This guy had a felony conviction, but was still able to get a firearms license and purchase a firearm.
    What is wrong with the Instant Check System? I would support fixing it over disarming the public.

  3. She continues to prove what an imbecile she really is…’The Empress” probably figures that she’s next in line for a political career…Let’s hope not…

  4. If someone ran her over, would she blame the car?
    Yes she would if it was a pickup or SUV. But not if it was an El Camino with Astro Turf in back, whatever that meant.

  5. People died because the company’s illegal & Unconstitutional rules didn’t allow them their 2nd Amendment right to self-defense! If just ONE employee had been armed at least 3 or 4 would still be alive.

    Families of dead should sue the CEO that created this rule for $1 billion and CEO should be charged with mruder

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