WOKE Biden flees Afghanistan, CRT Pentagon leaves colossal disaster


Most Americans, including the Sentinel, want out of Afghanistan, but not like this. The withdrawal couldn’t have been bungled more if they tried. Biden fled, leaving our equipment, people who helped us, and millions in the bank for a number of pointless programs like gender equity training of the Afghan military from our CRT Pentagon.

The US generals and politicians who lost the war will go unpunished.

Afghans are begging the US for air support but it is not coming.

The Taliban terrorists have billions in US equipment. We left it with the 300,000 man army that couldn’t take on an army one-third their size after we trained them for decades.

Trump put out a statement today responding to this madness, saying he wouldn’t have allowed any of this to happen:

Had our 2020 Presidential Election not been rigged, and if I were now President, the world would find that our withdrawal from Afghanistan would be a conditions-based withdrawal. I personally had discussions with top Taliban leaders whereby they understood what they are doing now would not have been acceptable. It would have been a much different and much more successful withdrawal, and the Taliban understood that better than anyone. What is going on now is not acceptable. It should have been done much better.

Meanwhile, the women, children, and soldiers are slaughtered. Women and girls will no longer be educated or be allowed to work.

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