WOKE COKE, a company that lied about GA voting law, gets a big hit in new poll


Rasmussen released a poll yesterday shining a spotlight on the downside of WOKEism for these crazy corporations. Coca-Cola has experienced it with 37% of respondents say they are buying less product during the boycott.

Thirty-three percent (33%) of Black adults say they are less likely to buy Coca-Cola because of the company’s involvement in the Georgia election law controversy, as are  35% of White adults and 44% of other non-white adults.

The National Pulse writes:

[…] Respondents were asked several questions, including, “Is it a good idea or a bad idea for corporations to become involved in political controversies?”

Overall, 62 percent of respondents said that it was a “bad idea,” with only 20 percent saying it was a “good idea,” and 17 percent saying they were “Not sure.”  When asked if they had ever boycotted a company over “political issues,” 52 percent of those polled said “No,” while 41 percent replied “Yes.”

The third and last question on the survey asked: “After the Georgia legislature enacted a new election law requiring voter ID, Coca-Cola was one of the companies that publicly condemned the law. Does that make you more or less likely to purchase Coca-Cola products?”

Over a third of the respondents – 37 percent – said that they were “Less likely” to purchase Coca-Cola products due to the company’s interference. (more)

And this is interesting: 45% of those 40-64 are boycotting WOKE COKE. That’s the income-earning group — very important. That could be a big hit.

I won’t buy any COKE product. I can’t boycott all the companies so I selected the first ones to boycott Georgia over the big lie and have totally boycotted them.

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